In order for TuKute Presents to run smoothly it must have dedicated partners to ensure a cohesive blend of talent and operations to provide a pleasurable customer experience. We have that! Meet partners who make us strong.

Isaac Harris III

Musical Director – Isaac has served as Musical Director for Tukute Presents for the past 4 years. His company, III-D Productions, is a multi-media company offering Live and Studio Audio/Video Production and a host of multi-media offerings.



Tracey Cobb

Promotional Director – Tracey handles all four facets of TuKute Presents. Setting up Promo items, scheduling events and ensuring all promotions run as outlined for each event.



Jefferson Ford

Event Operations Director  – Jefferson Ford handles Attendee Operations to ensure a seamless experience when attending our events. Jefferson is very experienced in publicizing and managing musical talent. He has worked in artist promotions and booking bands to bring in paying attendees and profits.


Nana Idehen

Entertainment Events Director – Nana ensure proper content for branding items and materials for each event. She is the Liaison for attendees to event items and maximizes profits for items sold.



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Vocal Coach

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