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The reason most independent music artists are not successful is because they have NO STRATEGY of success.  No plan in place to move them forward.  They HOPE that someone might see them and sign them for a HUGE RECORD DEAL and then all their dreams come true… sound familiar?

If you are not going to hire a manager/agent then at least take your music into your own hands and do it the right way. Click Here!

Never Stop Learning

Technology is ramping up faster all the time. Keep yourself up to date as much as possible by learning the tricks of your trade. Take a class every chance you get. Many are not time consuming and you can go at your own pace.
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Killer Beats made in minutes – Great for Beginners –  Click Here!

BTV Professional Music Production Software: A simple and inspiring way for you to quickly produce hard-hitting beats and vicious melodies on your MAC or PC. Whether this is your first software for making beats or or if have decades in the game BTV is going to help you make the kind of music you’re looking for.  Click Here!


Beats365 Members can download hundreds of Tracks, Beats, Instrumentals, Hundreds of Sound effects, Nature Sounds, Instrument Sounds and More, anytime they want, as well as market their music to record labels, distributors, and license individual tracks and music that Jamie Lewis of Champ Entertainment creates and posts on Beats365. An affordable one-time fee will apply in order for you to become a member, it is quick, easy and powerful. Click Here!

Megamusicmaker is the biggest, baddest beat maker in existence. Brand spankin’ new and packed with thousands of amazing sounds, combos and drums. Arrange complete songs on your computer in minutes, or log into the members area and create songs online.  After you are done, upload the beats you make to the marketplace and sell them exclusively or non-exclusively through Click Here!


Want to get BIG Laughs on stage for your comedy act, speech or presentation? Try this extremely effective and easy to use on-line course.  Click Here!

This is a must have if you are serious about your career.

Music Marketing – Agency






JAZZTOWN Marketing & Promotions, connecting NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, AND WEST …. FL, CALI, ATL, NC, PA, NY, CHI, TN, MN, TX, and beyond.

Music Marketing – Self

Music Marketing Manifesto – Free Video

Music Marketing Manifesto – It teaches an A – Z music marketing strategy from the ground up and is the best product for anyone who wants to lay a proper foundation for their music career.

Music Marketing Manifesto – Sales Page
Five (5) non-traditional strategies you can use to snipe fans from all over the world (starting from scratch)…
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