NetLunch – Finding Qualified Leads 101

Picture this: You run all over town and attend fabulous networking events and meet tons of people. The next day you contact them in hopes of rating them as a qualified lead. Alas, you find one. One.

Price: Gas, time, cost of event and more time.  You now have one possible lead. You get my drift.

Now picture this: You go to lunch and there are about 15 qualified leads just for you. One place, One hour to be in front of about 15 qualified leads.

I have a large network of mature adults that also want to get right to the heart of the matter. Mature adults who work, own their own business or are retired.  Do you think you could find even 10 qualified leads within a network of over 50k individuals?

And that’s not all. You also get a video that you can use to attract leads in the future. Or, we can plan another luncheon in another part of town.

Want to learn more? Just contact me, TuKute, at or call me at 404-394-4779.

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